United Way of the Cape Fear Area launches RETIRE UNITED

United Way of the Cape Fear Area (UWCFA) launches a new initiative to connect retirees to impactful community engagement opportunities.

Wilmington, NC. (November 4, 2020): United Way of the Cape Fear area launches its newest, engaging initiative focused on our area retirees. RETIRE UNITED is a platform designed to encourage community engagement for retirees, soon-to-be retirees, and seniors dedicated to sharing their wisdom, expertise, and talents with the community through Board of Director involvement, volunteerism, financial support, and other opportunities.

In recent years, the greater Cape Fear region has seen a significant influx of new residents, consisting of retirees as well as those that are still in the workforce. Many have chosen to stay involved in philanthropic efforts through volunteerism and/or financial support, yet, other new residents may not have had the time nor opportunity to engage in community support or the vehicles to do so were not made known to them.

United Way of the Cape Fear Area has come aware that many retirees and seniors have time, expertise, and the desire to connect, create, and contribute in their community. With a structured program, the United Way of the Cape Fear Area believes retirees can have the opportunity to expand their community involvement, participate in volunteer opportunities, join in social events, provide financial support and enhance the value of their lives in retirement.

The goal of RETIRE UNITED is to expand participation of retirees moving into the greater Cape Fear region, and current retirees within the region, by connecting them to impactful non-profit volunteerism and financial support for the benefit of both the retirees and the community.

United Way of the Cape Fear Area is dedicated to connecting individuals to reliable, needed resources. RETIRE UNITED will advance the United Way of the Cape Fear Area’s mission of working with the community to leverage resources and improve the lives of local people.

About United Way of the Cape Fear Area: United Way of the Cape Fear Area mobilizes resources to empower local people working towards leading self-sufficient, healthy lives. For more information, please visit www.uwcfa.org.