Celebrating Angela Fernot: A Year as Outreach Coordinator at UWCFA

It’s not every day that you come across someone as passionate and dedicated as Angela Fernot, our Outreach Coordinator. Her unwavering commitment to building strong relationships with the community and fostering a culture of service has made her a standout member of the UWCFA team. As we celebrate Angela and her contributions to the organization, let’s take a closer look at her role and the impact she had in her first year with us.

Angela’s journey with the organization began as an assistant and evolved into her current role serving as our lead of outreach. Over the past year, she has been developing UWCFA’s volunteer programs and opportunities, updating the website, and connecting with organizations who need help from volunteers of all ages. Her role allows her to directly impact lives and uplift others through acts of service, which she finds deeply fulfilling.

In the next year, Angela plans to continue building out the volunteer program and hosting unique service opportunities. She aims to elevate UWCFA as a resource for community members who would like to find volunteer opportunities in the Cape Fear area but may be overwhelmed by the vast number of organizations in need of service.

When asked about the most rewarding aspect of working at UWCFA, Angela stated:

“I learn something new every day at this job! The most rewarding aspect has been knowing that I am working directly with some of the greatest organizations and leaders to create positive impacts on the lives of those we serve. Every dollar we earn, and every volunteer event we participate in is a chance to improve our community. I’ve learned more about the immense need in the Cape Fear Area, and I better understand how critical it is for nonprofits to exist in this space.”

As Angela’s colleagues, we have seen her hard work and dedication pay off in countless ways. She brings a level of enthusiasm and creativity to her role that is unmatched. Her willingness to tackle new challenges and take risks has helped UWCFA grow and evolve in meaningful ways. We are grateful to have her on our team and can’t wait to see what she accomplishes next!