Celebrating the Resounding Success of Jerry Day

The harmonious blend of music, the warmth of community, and the strength of compassion came together in an exhilarating crescendo at the 5th Annual Port City Jerry Day. As we take a moment to reflect on the magic of this event, our hearts swell with gratitude for every individual who played a part in its resounding success.

As the music fades, the echoes of our collective efforts reverberate on. We’re thrilled to share that this event raised over $25,000. This astounding achievement wouldn’t have been possible without your unwavering support.

With your presence, your energy, and your shared belief in our mission, you turned the spotlight towards positive change. The Port City Jerry Day became a stage where not just music, but also hope and support for our community resonated profoundly.

A standing ovation to those who joined hands as sponsors and partners, including Live Nation, Corning Credit Union, Pleasure Island Deadheads, our dedicated volunteers, and the incredible performers who ignited the stage.

Our gratitude extends to the City of Wilmington, our hosts, for making this benefit concert an integral part of their annual UWCFA Workplace Campaign. Together, we’re raising the bar in our collective efforts to build a stronger and more resilient community.

Let’s keep the momentum going and continue to make positive change together.