Q1 Achievements of New Hanover County’s Nonprofit Capacity Building Grants

In a significant move towards community building and investment, New Hanover County, in partnership with the United Way of the Cape Fear Area, has successfully launched the Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant Program as part of the county’s comprehensive Community Building Plan. This initiative, equipped with a $1.2 million fund from the 2022-23 county budget, aims to empower local nonprofits employing evidence-based approaches to addressing violence and supporting individuals and families with vital services ranging from employment and housing assistance to youth education.

Twenty-four deserving nonprofit organizations, selected from 38 applicants, received grants as decided by a diverse panel of community members under the guidance of United Way. These grants are intended to enable local nonprofits to expand their services and reach more community members in need. The first quarter of 2023 has seen remarkable progress.

Q1 Results – A Snapshot

  1. Housing and Financial Assistance: 214 individuals received aid, including financial aid and home repairs.
  2. Education: 461 individuals benefited from diverse programs including Pre-K, STEM/STEAM initiatives, and literacy projects.
  3. Employment: 268 individuals supported through job programs and entrepreneurship opportunities.
    In total, over 943 individuals have benefitted, with 26.5% of the funding utilized effectively.
    Among the success stories is a client of Port City United, who secured employment and housing within 45 days of his release from federal prison thanks to StepUp Wilmington.

A Future Filled with Hope:
The next quarter promises even more new initiatives like homelessness prevention, youth grief counseling, trauma therapy, STEM after-school programming.

United Way of the Cape Fear Area remains committed to fostering a thriving community and the success of the Nonprofit Capacity Building Grant Program in its first quarter is just the beginning. With continued support and collaboration, we can create lasting positive change in New Hanover County.

For detailed information on the grant recipients and their programs, visit [LINK].

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