Celebrating Learning for SCSEP Job Seekers

The Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP) is proud to announce that four of our job seekers recently completed 10 weeks of digital skills training offered through SCSEP grant sponsor the Center for Workforce Inclusion.

June Newsletter Images – SCSEP-blog

SCSEP job seekers Susan Fox (Onslow County), Jacqueline Hill (Brunswick County), Lauretta Murray (Pender County), and Jassett Stewart (New Hanover County) graduated June 18 with multiple digital skills certifications for basic computer skills,Windows 10, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Docs, email, internet basics, and others.

“I found the program to be well thought out, organized, and sequential in a way that built ongoing ease and confidence,” said Ms. Fox, who is assigned as a program assistant at Onslow Community Outreach in Jacksonville. “I feel proud for completing my 100% assessment grades and I am sure that these certifications will be my biggest asset in job seeking as it proves I am up to date and up to speed in my digital qualifications. I want to thank everyone at SCSEP and United Way for the many blessings of this program and all you have done to pave the way for me. I send heartfelt blessings to you all.”

CWI Labs created the Digital Certification Program (DCP) to prepare older workers for the modern workplace while combating ageism. Digital skills are required in an estimated 92 percent of all jobs. However, one of the most pervasive ageist stereotypes is technological illiteracy among older adults. A Digital Certification provides job seekers with in-demand skills and a means to highlight those skills to potential employers

The DCP provides trainees with a new laptop, a hotspot with 12 months of pre-paid internet service, and other necessary equipment which they get to keep if they complete all assigned work. A trained Digital Navigator provides trainees with weekly one-on-one coaching tailored to their  needs, pre- and post-skill-tested assessments, independent lesson practice, and technical support.

For each training module completed, trainees obtain a Northstar Digital Literacy Certification. Northstar is used nationwide by more than 3,000 Adult Basic Education programs, colleges, nonprofits, workforce centers, government agencies, and businesses to provide digital literacy skills to help job seekers obtain, and retain employment, as well as to perform other tasks in daily life.

United Way of the Cape Fear Area (UWCFA) sponsors the SCSEP in Brunswick Columbus, New Hanover, Pender, and Onslow counties to provide paid job training and community service work for low-income individuals who are at least 55 years old and unemployed. The program is funded through a grant from the Center for Workforce Inclusion. During the current program year, which ends June 30, UWCFA received a grant of more than $560,000 to serve SCSEP participants and host agencies. An additional grant of up to $32,000 supports the DCP training for our SCSEP job seekers.