DAY OF ACTION Grows in Giving

This year marked our second incredible experience with the Day of Action. For those unfamiliar, this global event takes place annually around June 21, mobilizing communities to support vulnerable individuals and families. Our small team embraced the challenge with enthusiasm and determination. 

Our goal was to assemble Birthday Kits and Basic Essentials Kits (hygiene and snack items), addressing a pressing need identified last year. We ambitiously aimed to increase our output by over 150%. Thanks to an overwhelmingly positive response from our community, we not only met but exceeded our expectations! 

Donation boxes were set up at numerous locations including Cape Fear Solar, Brunswick Electric, 828 Church, CloudWyze, Rulmeca, Modern Aviation, Whiting Turner, and notably, First Carolina Bank. First Carolina Bank not only provided donations but also helped raise an additional $405, allowing us to purchase more essential supplies. 

Several businesses took the initiative to create and donate their own kits. CloudWyze, Corning Credit Union, the Wilmington Chamber of Commerce, and PolyQuest contributed significantly, and before our official packing day on June 21, we had already received over 180 Birthday Kits and 160 Basic Essentials Kits! 

Our conference room was overflowing with donations, reflecting the community’s generous spirit. The energy was palpable as we prepared for our event. 

This year, we partnered with the Diaper Bank of Southeastern NC, an ideal location for organizing and packing. For two hours, 20 dedicated volunteers worked tirelessly to assemble as many kits as possible. 

The support and contributions culminated in a remarkable success: over 275 Birthday Kits and more than 300 Basic Essentials Kits! 

Thank you to everyone who made this day extraordinary. Your support inspires us and reinforces our commitment to being game changers in our community. Special thanks to Modern Aviation, 828 Church, Duke Energy, Salt Air Inc, CloudWyze, Med North, and our all-star volunteer, Richard McNinch, whose dedication and passion are unmatched. Richard sent emails, drove all over southeastern North Carolina, made phone calls, and provided an immense amount of support to our team. 

We are thrilled to announce a new request form for nonprofits to receive Day of Action kits. These will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, so please share this link with anyone who could benefit: 

We are honored to serve our community and look forward to even greater successes next year. If you’d like to get involved in the Day of Action or similar events, please reach out!